Sales Staff

Neenah Enterprises Inc.'s OEM industrial sales staff specializes in helping our industrial clientele produce the world's highest quality products and services efficiently and cost-effectively. With deep industry experience and supported by the most talented engineers in the industry, your NEI sales representative will work closely with your engineering team to ensure your products are engineered and designed to meet your quality and design specifications.



Josh Schoville I 319-269-2024

Alec Byl I 815-218-0683

Off Road/Mining Equipment

Josh Schoville I 319-269-2024

Heavy Truck

Cynthia Hann | 920-915-8821

Scott Harper I 260-338-0105

Tom Marlborough | 920-428-2338



Anil Joy I 313-980-7702

Material Handling

Anil Joy I 313-980-7702

Oil & Gas

Dan Parret I 502-316-8434

For any additional questions regarding Industrial quotations or services contact:

Terry Zeamer | 920-729-3677