Machining Services

Neenah Enterprises provides machining and assembly ca­pabilities, allowing NEI to deliver finished, ready-to-install parts and components to our customers. Our machining capabilities include turning, milling, drilling, tapping, assembly, fitting and more.

Mercer Forge CNC Machining Facility; Wheatland, PA


·       Machines: 34
·       Operations: CNC horizontal turning and horizontal milling capabilities: Mills can handle up to 800 mm and the turning can handle up to 60” in length and 35.4” in diameter.
Advanced Cast Products; Meadville, PA

·       Machines: 15
·       Operations: CNC vertical & horizontal milling and CNC horizontal turning centers.

Capabilities: 36”x36”x36” working envelope for machining centers; 12” diameter by 24” length in the turning centers.